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During the summer of 2013, Eric "MTwater" and Arjen "Fast Arie" van der Tol (current speed record holder), plan to take their snow buggies to Greenland and cover over 4,500 km during the two month expedition. You can follow their progress at SnowBuggy.


This site is dedicated to the sport of power kiting with buggies and mountain boards.
It chronicles my exploits as an intermediate kite buggier and beginner kite mountain boarder.

What is Kite Buggying?

Image being a few inches off the ground travelling along at around 50 kph with minimal protection. Scary thought? Find out more on the kite buggy FAQ page.

Kite Buggy Speed Record

This currently sits at 82.09 mph, set at NABX in 2010. Find out how you can improve your top buggy speed.

What is a Power or Traction Kite?

These kites are not like the one-string diamond-shaped kites from your childhood. Traction kites range in size from 2m square up to massive 20m monsters and in the right conditions are capable of lifting you off the ground. Kite Buggy

Where to Kite Buggy?

You can buggy on just about any flat surface or even some not so flat ones! Short grass and hard sand are the best, tarmac extreme. Check out some of the best spots in New Zealand.

Keen to find out more check out my buggying and mountain board exploits on the buggy log page.


Blokarts are awesome fun, the fundamentals are similar to buggying, a bit of wind and off you go!
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More kiting information?

Check out the kiting links.

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