What is a Blokart?

Blokarts are a smaller form of land yacht, a tricycle with a sail if you like although that's an over simplification. A standard blokart has a steel frame (a 'pro' model utilises stainless steel) with a central mast constructed from fibre glass. This allows the mast to bend in extreme conditions. The sails come in different sizes and you use the appropriate size for the wind speed and your weight. The larger person the person the larger the sail you will need, the more wind there is the smaller the sail.

How do Blokarts work?

Blokarts need wind, at least 5 knots, to get going. The wind is caught by the sail and the wind power is used to push the blokart forward. Now the trick is to get the blokart moving at right-angles to the wind rather than down-wind. This allows you to 'kart' back to your starting position. You can control the transfer of power to the blokart, by 'pulling in' the sheet rope to increase power, or by 'letting out' the sheet rope to reduce it. With your other hand, you steer the blokart by using the handle bar attached to the front wheel.

Although this might sound difficult at first, it really is pretty straight forward and after a while it does become second nature. Soon you are pulling in the sheet rope to get that maximum power and doing two wheel stunts. The great thing about blokarts are that they are safe and suitable for all ages. If you are unlucky enough to tip one then by keeping your feet and hands inside the kart (which you should be doing anyway) you'll be safe. A helmet is provided and there is also a seat belt on the karts.

Where can I use a blokart?

Just like kite buggying, a hard flat surface is great for blokarts. Tarmac is probably one of the best surfaces, along with hard, compact sand. You can get bigfoot tyres for your blokart, but this toy is really made for speed on hard, compact surfaces.

Can I do tricks with a blokart?

Yep, most definitely! Although the blowkart is built for speed, 360 degree spins and two wheel stunts can be performed. Obviously tricks need a great deal of patience and plenty of kart time. <<< Back to Buggy Articles