Buggy Log Archive 2004

Tuesday 14th December 2004 5.30pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 15 knots WNW

Just a quick session, doing short runs between the dunes and sea whilst the tide was low enough.

Monday 13th December 2004 5pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 10 to 15 knots NW

Made the most of the nor'wester and got the 2.2 and PL Comp buggy out for a blast. Despite it being hard-work up the beach, I managed to squeeze in a couple of speed runs, the best being 41.6 kph over 1.5km, with a top blast of 46.1 kph. After the speed runs had fun speeding across the humps and bumps of sand at the high tide mark.

Sunday 12th December 2004 11am

Location Blokart Heaven, Papamoa

Bit of a change from kiting today - wandered over to Papamoa and had a quick blast in a blokart at Blokart Heaven. If you've never seen one of these puppies before chaeck out www.blokart.com . The wind wasn't too friendly, but still manged to get some good speed every now and again. Raced around the gravel track with about 6 other blokarters. Great fun, trouble is I now wanna have one all for myself!

Saturday 11th December 2004 2.30pm

Location Ohope Wharf, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 to 25 knots SW to W

Almost two weeks since my last session! We've had a SW blowing all week, so I decided to test out the new possie down at the end of Harbour Road. South westerlies blow straight across the harbour and can get pretty strong, but are the best for this spot. So it was out with the 2.2 C-quad and the Bigfoot. When the wind was strong (which was most of the time) I had a great play, managed to squeeze in a couple of great speed runs, unfortunately I forgot to take my speedo with me and have no idea what speed I was doing, although I would estimate 30 to 40 kph. Spent a good 90 minutes blasting along the beach/mud flat or sliding the back-end out in awesome sliding turns. Buggying is FUN!

Sunday 28th November 2004 12pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 0 to 15 knots NNE

The first hour or so was good but the wind kept dying off throughout the afternoon - very frustrating. I didn't really progress my kite-landboarding skills any further, apart from having my first off-board experience, managed to keep my feet, but not my cool! Zoomed around in the PL Comp buggy for a while too. At one point I was racing with a land-yacht, I was a bit outclassed - the land-yachts look like great toys, a very up-market blokart with extra skills required too. Talking of blokarts, someone popped out with a two-seater version, which struggled a bit in the low wind, but looked like fun all the same. There was a lone kite-surfer off in the distance too. For the record I managed a max speed of 42 kph at some stage in the 'race' with the land-yacht.

Friday 19th November 2004 5.30pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 10 knots NNE

Initially the wind wasn't quite there, but after an hour or so it had picked up and was dead on-shore. Very much carrying on from the last session, dropping the kite in the powerzone to pull away, some excellent slides especially in 'natural' stance, feeling more confident with the kite, working the kite to get power, zooming around up wind and down wind. Good solid sess building on past sessions.

Tuesday 11th November 2004 7pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 10 knots NE 

Another great session! Didn't start out so good, as the wind wasn't very strong and the kite collapsed on the first launch, but I managed to get it in the sky on the second go. Had a bit of a practice dipping the kite down into the powerzone quite quickly and then tried it out on the board ... and it worked! Felt very comfortable dipping the kite down to get a good initial boost of power especially when boarding 'naturally'. Managed to get some good slides in too. A good confidence building sess!

Wednesday 3rd November 2004 5.30pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 10 knots N 

What can I say apart from AWESOME! At last I felt things were coming together with the F-ARC and mountainboard. The first hour was a bit frustrating, but I don't what happened, whether I got my act together or the wind picked up slightly, but everything seemed to click for the last hour and a half. Starting to move, usually a bit of a hit and miss wobble, became almost automatic, doing lovely sine waves with the kite felt comfortable, kite powers up, I lean back into the pull - I still felt more comfortable in a natural stance rather than goofy, but both felt better the more I practised. Ended the session with some pendulum jumps without the board - learnt the trick of having the F-ARC fully powered up as it goes through the zenith (supposedly the neutral zone!). All in all a great session, I feel I have now got to a level beyond that I reached down at Brighton. Here's to many more sessions like this one through the summer at Ohope!

Tuesday 2nd November 2004 5.30pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 5 to 15 knots NE (MetService 17kph NE 4pm, 17kph NNE 7pm, eBOP tide -600mm at 6pm)

Another session with F-ARC and mountainboard at Ohope. Lasted about an hour again after a few failed launches, but the wind gradually picked up over the session. Confidence increasing slowly, still feels uncomfortable goofy-style/down-wind, whereas natural stance feels very good. Didn't try anything extra-ordinary as the wind picked up and started to feel a bit too strong for my liking.

Monday 1st November 2004 5.30pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 10 knots NE to 15 kts ENE (MetService 15kph N 4pm, 37kph N 7pm, eBOP tide -550mm at 6pm)

Having been frustrated yesterday by the wind (or lack of), I hit the beach with enthusiasm this afternoon. A decent 10 knots was blowing in, almost dead on-shore, so it was out with the F-ARC and mountainboard. I spent about 50 minutes crusing along the beach before a localised weather front moved in and changed the wind direction and speed and soaked me to the skin! The session was good and I could feel the confidence growing with every run along the beach, even the down-wind runs seemed easier! Just looking forward to a really long session on the board.

Friday 29th October 2004 5pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 20 knots N to NNW (MetService 26kph N 4pm, 37kph N 7pm, eBOP tide -200mm at 5pm, +0mm at 6pm)

Unfortunately spent more time walking rather than buggying as the wind picked up massively just as I decided to do a run down the spit! The 2.2 was lifting me, no worries, so I decided to swallow my pride and walk back - a long (or at least it seemed long) 3km hike back to the car. However before that happened I managed 41.7kph over a 1km stretch with a top speed of 48.4kph. Just goes to show that a lot of wind doesn't necessarily mean a lot of speed, as there was too much lateral pull - every time I tried to power up, I went into a powerslide, fun but consequently the speed dropped. Yet again the sand felt very 'crisp' and sliding seemed very easy on the turns.

Thursday 21st October 2004 6pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 15 to 20 knots NW (MetService 17kph WNW 7pm, eBOP tide -200mm at 5.30pm, -650mm at 7pm)

This was my first ever session with the Bigfoot on hard sand. Unfortunately the wind was slightly cross-shore but the tide was low enough for me to have a good 50m stretch to play with. I did try for a beach run but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get enough upwind power to do it. So I settled for doing massive slides in the Bigfoot. Did some pretty full-on powerslides too, the Bigfoot is definitely the trick buggy, a lack of tread opening up so many possibilities. Spotted a couple of land yachts/blowkarts in the distance enjoying the strong nor'wester.

Wednesday 13th October 2004 6pm

Location - Ohiwa Harbour, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 15 knots WNW to W (MetService 28kph W 7pm, eBOP tide 550mm at 6pm, 750mm at 7pm)

This evening I found another new spot to buggy at. There's a large expanse of soft sand at the entrance to Ohiwa Harbour, which when the wind is a westerly is a prime spot. It's at the end of a long north-facing beach, but there's enough space to have a good blast during a westerly. Unfortunately it's not really long enough to try speed runs at low tides, and there are no dunes for me to play in, well ones that I'm allowed to play in anyway, but when the wind's blowing from the west (as it seems to a lot here) it's better than sitting at home in front of the telly! Managed a max blast of 39kph with the 2.2 C-quad and bigfoot.

Friday 8th October 2004 6pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 10 to 15 knots ENE to NE (MetService 20kph ENE 4pm, 15kph ENE 7pm, eBOP tide -350mm at 6pm, good for mountainboard by 7pm -200mm)

Another low pressure coming in from the west meant more NE winds, but not quite as strong as earlier in the week fortunately! Hit the beach as soon as I could after the high tide (about 15:30) and decided to go for a few speed runs. I was in the PL Comp using the 2.2 C-quad. Despite not feeling close to maximum power from the 2.2, I still managed a very creditable average speed of 45.7 kph over 1.97 km. The peak speed was a very comforting 49.5 kph. No excessive lateral pull, and never felt out of control, bodes well for some faster speeds in the future.

One thing I did notice was that sliding seems much more fun on Ohope, so the next free weekend I have at Ohope, I'll wander down with the Bigfoot (no tread!) and see what that'll do on this surface - should be fun!

Monday 4th October 2004 5pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 25 knots NE

Yes, that's right, 25 knots! A low pressure was coming in from the Tasman across the North Island and that meant BIG nor'easters leading it in. Despite it bucketing down with rain, I braved the weather and hit the beach kitted out in wet-weather gear! Well, it was just a bit too much - I actually found it hardwork walking backwards against the kite in the neutral position (directly overhead). So after I hopped in the buggy and managed 22kph with the kite STILL in the neutral position I decided that this was going to be a tad too much for me, so I flagged the attempted speed run!

Sunday 3rd October 2004 3pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind - 5 to 10 knots N

Almost two months since my last log entry. I confess I have been playing out on the new beach at Ohope, but decided not to log anything as they were really just quiet sessions - some just practising with the F-ARC. But today was to be different. Eventually the sea-breeze kicked in mid-afternoon, so I packed up the trusty Legacy with my gear and drove down to the beach access at Anne St - my new kiting pozzie - as with most of my pozzies, well away from the main beach areas, more to protect others than to lessen my embarrassment with my kiting prowess!

As the wind wasn't too strong I initially unpacked the F-ARC and mountainboard. Still very tentative with this kit, but after a couple of hours I was starting to feel a little more confident - the F-ARC still frustrates me though, sometimes the thing just sits there not doing anything. Despite this I was managing a few long runs, using my feet a bit more to turn away from the kite when necessary to keep the tension in the lines - something I would do automatically in the buggy - I hate learning! I also feel I need to be a bit braver with the F-ARC - I'm constantly worried about wiping out myself or, worse still, passer-bys. I think I should just go for it a bit more especially as I feel I've taken a backward step with this kit having moved up here - I feel I was better than this down at Brighton - ho hum!

Anyway after a couple of hours with the F-ARC, I packed it away with the mountain-board and dragged out the C-quads and the Comp buggy for a bit of a blat along Ohope. Did a long stretch down to near my flat and back to Anne St, managed a top speed of 36 kph, not bad considering the 2.2 seemed under-powered. Finished off the session with the usual massive sliding turns - great fun, missed my buggy!

Well, that's the first sess at Ohope, hopefully the first of many more. The beach seems awesome, lots of space, especially at low-tide, the sand possibly harder than Brighton - more speed runs :o)   But hopefully it will be the place where my mountain-board skills pick up. Bring on the summer!

Thursday 5th August 2004 4pm

Location - New Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 10 knots SE

Today the wind had turned more southerly and was almost blowing up the beach. So all the speed runs were heading a northerly direction - I managed a 40.0 kph run over a 1.1 km stretch with a max blast of 44.6 kph. Not too bad considering the strength of the wind and its direction.

Wednesday 4th August 2004 3pm

Location - New Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 15 to 20 kts ENE turning E

All day in town the wind had been blowing strong, but not sure what happended when I hit the beach - whether it needs to be at a certain angle or whether it was just too strong today, but I only managed a 44.4 kph over a km with a max blast of 54.6 kph. Pretty fast I know but I thought I'd be pushing my record 52 kph today. The wind was real strong and gusty but just didn't seem to convert into buggy speed. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

Tuesday 3rd August 2004 4pm

Location - Pines Beach, Kaiapoi nr Christchurch

Wind - 10 to 15 kts - NE turning E

With the tide coming in, I headed up to Pines Beach for a short 1 hour session with the Bigfoot. The wind picked up whilst I was out, so the session got faster and faster. I managed a few runs down the steep bank near the entrance to the beach plus plenty of runs through the bowl itself. Didn't manage to get any decent air, probably needed a bigger kite than the 2.2 I was using plus my helmet of course. I used the GPS to record the highest speed blast - managed a 36.5 kph near the end of the session, quite impressive - must try the Bigfoot on the flat sometime!

Wednesday 28th July 2004 4pm

Location - New Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 15 kts - ESE

Well, the forecast had been for ripping 20kt plus nor'easters, however the wind was a little below this at around 15kts. Still un-deterred I decided on doing buggy speed runs, even if it was just to test out my new toy - the Garmin Vista eTrex GPS. I'd bought a handy little cover with belt-clip for the GPS so it snuggly clipped onto the front strap on PL competition buggy and away I went. For fairly registering speeds, I decided to use the average speed over distances of no less than 1km. At the end of the day a big gust could boost my speed up quite high, but would only obviously last for a few seconds - so I thought the average speed over a kilometre would give a fair indication of my ability to sustain this velocity. But as I am really a speed freak :O) I'll also note the top blat that I manage in a session just for completeness ;O)

So with new toy safely strapped to the buggy, I spent 90 mins zooming up and down New Brighton beach, all the way from the pier down to Southshore. Being able to measure my speed so easily meant I could spend a lot of time finding the 'sweet-spot' where the wind really blatted across the beach! Whilst I was out the wind was dropping so it I was in a big hurry to find that perfect location for today's sess. As usual the last run of the day produced the best results, but much to my amazement it was a run right down at the end of Southshore spit, usually one of the weakest spots at Brighton.

So, today's speed run clocked in at 38.9 kmph over a distance of 1km with a max burst at 46.0 kmph!

Sunday 25th July 2004 3pm

Location - Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 10kts ESE

After what seems like an eternity, a decent sea-breeze kicked in for the first time in ages. So I nipped down to my new spot just south of the South Brighton Surf Life-savers club. I spent a good 2 to 2.5 hours cruising around the beach with the mountainboard and F-ARC. After a few shaky initial runs, I soon got the hang of it and began to feel a lot more confident. I was able to move the kite around to get a bit more power too, and when that power kicked in, I just leant back against it and cruised along! I even got confident enough to use the footstraps! I still find going down wind a bit of problem but it's definitely improving and certainly crosswind and upwind are no problem at all. Hopefully on my next mountainboard outing I'll do a Southshore run.

Tuesday 13th July 2004 4pm

Location - Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 10 to 15 ENE

Sneaked out for a 1.5 hr session at the end of the day. High tide had been around 1.30pm so I was cutting it fine with a 4pm start, but the wind was so tempting! Just did a standard speed run session along Brighton Beach. Managed a 42 kph run.

Speed in kph Pier - Life Savers Plover - Tern Tern - Southshore Spit
South Run 42 31
North Run 27 26

Saturday 3rd July 2004 10am

Location - Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 5 to 10 SE

Yet another gentle breeze. More practice with the F-ARC and mountainboard. My faithful photographer, Taiana, was over at the beach today and took the shots at the top of the page, cheers!

Friday 25th June 2004 4pm

Location - Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 10 SE

A nice gentle breeze today. Time for a bit more practice with the F-ARC and mountainboard. A good one hour session.

Friday 18th June 2004 10.30am & 1.30pm

Location - Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 10 to 15 knots ENE, then 20 knots plus NE

Having had three weeks away from the beach, I'd decided to make up for that by taking the day off work and spending it on the beach as big nor'easters had been forecast. And the weathermen got it right. It started out relatively mild in the morning, but in the afternoon, it kicked in BIG time! The morning session I did speed runs along all the usual spots and came up trumps with a top speed of 41 kph. Here are the details.

Speed in kph Pier - Life Savers Plover - Tern Tern - Southshore Spit
South Run 41 27 29
North Run 37 36 37

I ended up concentrating on the southerly Life Savers run as this seeemd to be giving me the best times. Anyway, come the afternoon and boy did the wind pick up - it actually dropped off a bit at first, but then it kicked in big time. Unfortunately the tide was coming in, so I limited myself to speed runs down to the Life Savers and managed to break my old record with an astonishing speed of 52.5 kph !! I couldn't wipe the smile off my face all afternoon. I couldn't believe the time when I screamed past the Life Savers either, awesome. With such a strong wind it was difficult regaining upwind position for more runs, but I managed to squeeze in two more before the sea covered my track! Both runs checked in at just under 50 kph. For all of these runs, I'm not sure whether I was actually totally in control, but what the heck, I broke the 50 kph barrier!! Woo-hoo!

Thursday 17th June 2004 4pm

Location - Pines Beach nr Kaiapoi

Wind - 10 knots NE

Three weeks since the last session! Man, I've been hanging out for this! At last I'm back on the beach. The last three weeks have seen hardly any nor'easters worth mentioning - just a touch frustrating with the F-ARC sitting there in the garage. Anyway, a decent 10kts nor'easter kicked in during the day and I hoofed it up to Pines straight after work. Spent a 45 minute session cruising through the dunes in the bigfoot using the 2.2 C-Quad. Probably not quite enough wind for a good session, but still managed to get some air off a small ledge.

Wednesday 26th May 2004 4pm

Location - Southshore

Wind - 5 to 10 knots SE to ESE

Well, the first session with F-ARC and mountainboard. Very shaky to start with and wasn't helped by the wind almost becoming a southerly. So I had limited space in which to practice plus the wind could have done with being a bit stronger. Anyway, managed a few short runs and felt good, as usual felt very comfortable on the board when standing in a 'natural' snowboarding stance (left-foot leading), the opposite ('goofy') felt awkward, but that may have been as on 'goofy' runs I was attempting to board slightly down-wind and I'm not too sure how to do that even with a C-Quad. Having said all that it did feel comfortable - the power from kite very smooth, just what I need to start with! Bring on the next session!

I may ditch Southshore as a boarding/buggying possie as when I drove back up Marine Parade, I popped on to the beach at the Life Savers to watch some guys with a power-kite and the wind was practically straight on-shore. I would have had much more practice time here than down at Southshore.

Friday 21st May 2004

Location - Southshore Spit

Wind - 10 knots SE

With the wind not as manic as Wednesday, it gave me another chance to have a play on the F-ARC. When I got to Southshore a group of guys had just got out on the water, must have been freezing! I managed to launch the F-ARC first time and had a good one hour session scudding around the beach. It felt as if I was getting used to the feel of the kite as I was able to predict power surges. I had a couple of good scuds of about 15 yards - I didn't have the kite powered up too much for obvious reasons! During a couple of the scuds I defintely felt a lot of lift, which was backed up by the lightness of the scud marks on the sand. Also I found leaning back a lot really powered up the kite too, actually better to bend the knees and lean rather than just lean with the legs straight. By the end of the session, my confidence is definitely building and I should be out on the ATB very soon - tomorrow if the wind is right!

Wednesday 19th May 2004

Location - Pines Beach, nr Kaiapoi

Wind - 15 to 20 knots NE

Wow, what a wind! With a front approaching the west coast, a big nor'easter had kicked in. So I decided to ditch F-ARC practice for dune buggying up at Pines. And what a session it was! Bizarrely never felt really out of control, but the wind was so strong. Raced across open sections of beach and then zoomed through the dunes. Rather surprisingly didn't manage to get any air, but lots of speed!

Tuesday 18th May 2004

Location - Southshore Spit

Wind - 10 knots NE

Isn't it always the case - you buy a new toy and you don't get any opportunity to play with it! After hanging out for a nor-easter for a week, it finally arrived this afternoon. I raced home from work and shot down to Southshore with my new toy. Well, I spent most of the session sorting the lines out. The first launch went well but I realised I'd got a couple of lines wrapped round each other, the only thing for it was to land the kite and sort it out. Unfortunately it took about another three attempts to launch before I could get the F-ARC up into the air. By then it was already getting dark! So after a brief 15 minute play, I had to land it again and pack up. I feel a big learning curve ahead, but a fun one!

Tuesday 11th May 2004

Location - South Brighton Life Savers

Wind - 10 knots E

After two weeks off to recover from having my tonsils out, I managed to get back on the beach today. Despite my lack of beach time, I hadn't been a lazy boy and had invested in a brand new kite - a 12m Peter Lynn F-ARC at half price, a bargain apparently! The idea behind this, is so that I can improve my mountain board skills and apparently this little puppy just floats in the air. Well judging by the amount of lift I was getting in a 10 kt easterly with the thing powered down low, I'll not surprised if I end up dangling from the control bar in mid-air very soon! I had a very brief one hour session with Tim, just getting used to the thing. Tim had a quick play before letting me loose on it, and judging by what he was doing you can go up-wind, down-wind, cross-wind, any which way you want so easily with this kite - it looks very good!

Wednesday 21st April 2004

Location - Pines Beach, Kaiapoi

Wind - 5 knots NE to ENE

At last I fixed the rear wheel nut and headed up to Pines for a Bigfoot session. When I got to Pines, the wind was non-existant, however patience rewards and 10 mins after a sniff of a sea-breeze, it had kicked in enough to merit getting the 6.3 C-quad out of its bag. So I ended up with a relaxed 45 minute session cruising thru the dunes, however I did have one crazy moment, when I tackled a dune at the wrong angle and ended up flipping the buggy and being unceremonously dragged across the beach! Fortunately I soon got control of the kite again, tipped the buggy back over and cruised off again. Slapped wrist for me, as I wasn't wearing the helmet!

Wednesday 14th April 2004

Location - Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Wind - 10 to 15 knots ESE

The easterly was a bit stronger than yesterday, so I decided to try a few speed runs at various spots along the beach south of the pier. The best, the return from Life Savers, clocked in at 39kph. Not too bad. After that, I swapped the buggy for the mountain board and took the 6.3 C-quad out. A completely different experience from yesterday, the 6.3 was really pulling and there was a lot of lift! The wind was starting to edge round to the SE so I was finding problems going south (i.e. upwind) as the kite just wanted to pull me towards the dunes and into the soft sand. Despite my best efforts, I found it impossible to go more than a few hundred metres along the beach before ending up bogged down. I must try and figure how to avoid that happening. Plenty of other guys out today, 3 blokarts, 2 kite-surfers and a lone land-yachtie.

Tuesday 13th April 2004

Location - Brighton Pier, Christchurch

Wind - 5 to 10 knots ESE

Another excellent mountain board session on the beach! I spent about two hours cruising just south of the pier. I'd borrowed a friend's 6.3 C-quad, and given him my 4.2 in return, so I could try a bigger kite with the mountain board. Although I've got the 8.4 C-quad, in some of the stronger easterlies here at the beach it may be a bit too much for me. So I borrowed the 6.3 to give me that range in the stronger winds for the board. I spent the time getting use to the new kite, so no feet in straps yet! Tomorrow though is a new day!!

Saturday 3rd April 2004

Location - Southshore, Christchurch

Wind - 5 to 10 knots SE to E to ESE

Awesome session!! All mountain board, all 8.4 C-Quad, all most excellent! A light easterly had kicked in early this morning, so I packed up the car and got down to Southshore as soon as I could. After a bit of a play on the board with the 4.2 I realised something a bit more serious was required! So I dusted down the 8.4 C-quad, hooked up the 30m lines and off I went. Some excellent runs, around 1km long. Strangely I found the upwind runs easier then downwind and I was more able to do slides during an upwind run too. Still no jumps, not sure whether I need a bigger kite for them, or just more wind. Also I still haven't strapped my feet in, perhaps next time! Anyway, ended up spending about 3 hours cruising up and down Brighton beach on the mountain board having a great time!

Wednesday 31st March 2004

Location - Southshore, Christchurch

Wind - 10 to 15 knots ESE

I've missed out on many kiting sessions recently due to ill health or work, so it felt real good to be back out on the beach again. The wind was almost due east, just slightly from the south. Started out with the buggy and 2.2m C-Quad, but after 45 minutes of speed runs only came up with a 34kph sprint. Switched to the 4.2 on the 30m lines and the mountain board. Spent an hour cruising around and I could feel myself becoming more confident as the session went on. Still no jumps, but the beginnings of some slides coming on. Good confidence-building session.

Tuesday 10th February 2004

Location - Pines Beach, near Kaiapoi

Wind - 15 to 20 knots ESE to ENE

Blowing SW in town but out at Pegasus Bay there was a strong easterly. So I packed up the Bigfoot and went out to Pines. I spent an hour and a half ripping through the dunes. I managed to travel both ways through the dunes rather than using the beach to get back upwind. The wind was real strong for the 2.2 and there were a couple of moments when I thought it was going to get lifted out of the buggy. After an hour the wind calmed down and changed to a ENE, so a few tweaks in my run and I ended up dropping off the big 12 foot ledge at the main bowl by the beach entrance. I also managed to get airborn a few times, once by speeding up a ledge rather than down it! I managed some great power slides and power turns once that wind had become a bit more friendly. However the session ended abruptly when one of the rear wheels of the Bigfoot came off. At first I thought it had sheared off but fortunately the bolt has just undone itself. Once I get that sorted out, I'll be heading back up to Pines again!

Sunday 1st February 2004

Location - Southshore, Christchurch

Wind - 15 to 20 knots ESE

With a weather system coming down from the north we got the usual strong easterlies out here at Brighton. Unfortunately we got the rain too and I called a halt to the session after I ended up soaked to the skin, the rain slows the kite down too I guess. I'm sure I would have broken a speed record but the lateral pull from the kite (2.2) was immense - just when I got up to a decent speed I would just end up doing a big powerslide towards the dunes. I managed a sad 37 kph where I almost ended up above the high tide mark in the soft sand, then recovered it for an actual timing.

Saturday 24th January 2004

Location - Southshore, Christchurch

Wind - 15 knots ESE

First trip out in over a month after my backpacking adventure in Vietnam. Boy, did it feel good again and with a decent breeze too! Unfortunately didn't manage to break any speed records - just a standard sort of 41 kph.

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