Buggy Log Archive 2005

Saturday 1st October 2005 12.00pm

Location - Ohiwa Harbour, nr. Whakatane

Wind 20 knots NW

The forecast nor'wester picked up overnight, so off to the old Ohiwa Harbour spot to see what I could do over there. I ended up playing with the 2.2 c-quad and bigfoot, managing a very respectable 50.8 kph max, with an average of 42.7 kph over 800m. It was funny stretch of sand I was using, the end of the run I turned downwind and seemed to pick up even more speed for a while, until the kite became unworkable. Anyway the session lasted 90 mins with good speed results. May have been better with the Peter Lynn Comp buggy.

Tuesday 6th September 2005 5.30pm

Ohope Beach, nr Whakatane

Wind 15 knots NW

A gentle Nor'easter had been forecast but a ripping nor'wester appeared - just a quick session with the 6.3 C-Quad doing a few small jumps. With the wind picking up and the tide coming in I called it a day after 30 mins.

Sunday 4th September 2005

Ohope Beach, nr Whakatane

Wind 5 knots NNW

Out with the F-Arc today, but only really managed one short flight as the wind was so light. Bring on those summer sea-breezes!

Saturday 20th August 2005 2pm

Ohope Beach, nr Whakatane

Wind 5 to 10 knots N

Back to the beach today after a long break during which I moved home. The new beach pad on Harbour Road just 100 yards from the beach, excellent possie for buggying. So today I tested out the new location, but it wasn't a day for speed runs, just a long run along the beach. The end of the session was capped off with a quick spin in a land yacht courtesy of one of the guys at the North Island and Yacht champs. Man it was hard work as you had to push start the yacht due to the light wind. Also to turn you had to put on full-lock as the turning circle is big, especially in comparison to a buggy! I still had a good blast and hope to try again sometime.

Saturday 9th July 2005 1.30pm

Location Ohope Wharf, nr Whakatane

Wind 0 to 20+ knots SW to WSW

Off to the harbour possie today, with a SW blowing a gale, it was time to go for those speed runs on the mud flats at the end of Harbour Road. Initially the wind was probably just at about the limit of a 2.2 CQuad - at one point I could feel that backstrap slipping over my shoulders! But as the afternoon went the wind dropped off, eventually disappearing, not even the 6.4 CQuad was able to fly. Having said that I managed a max blast of 48.9 kph, with an average speed of 37.3 kph over about 700m.

The Annual Blue Balls Buggy Bash

Saturday & Sunday, 17th & 18th of June 2005

Location Mokau Beach, west coast of the North Island of New Zealand

I managed to reach Mokau Beach by around 11am on Saturday morning, but the weather was against us and I sat in the RAV4 for the rest of the morning hoping that it would clear up in the afternoon! Unfortunately that didn't happen, so I checked into the campsite and set up home in my cabin. Later that day I met some of the crew - Paul and Perrin admiring some customised buggies that looked like mean machines - my little PL Comp was cowering in the back of the RAV4! After watching some Ghost Rider vids we kept our fingers crossed for better weather the next day.

Wind 5 to 10 knots N

I got up this morning to be greeted by beautiful clear sky, but no wind! During the long wait in the morning, I caught up with Craig from Ashburton - we'd bumped into each other a couple of times on the beach at New Brighton in Christchurch. One of the mean machines from yesterday was his baby. We spent most of the morning chin-wagging about buggying. But about 11am the wind picked up a bit and one by one we all got our kites up into the air - the wind was only around five knots so it was big engines all around. Perrin built a ramp for us to muck around on. The wind kept coming and going not really giving us much opportunity to do much good stuff - however we all managed a few runs over the ramp.

Later that afternoon, the wind swung round off-shore and we were off down the beach. Unfortunately it kept swinging right round to a southerly and then died! Craig and I had a long sad walk back along the beach to the campsite. Having had a couple of heavy showers during the day as well, we all decided to call a day and head home.

Saturday 21st May 2005 12pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr Whakatane

Wind 5 to 10 knots NW

Very short session today as the wind had turned too westerly by the time I had got my gear out. Still managed a 32.4 kph max speed with the 6.4 C-Quad.

Saturday 7th May 2005 4pm

Location Ocean Beach, Raglan

Wind 5 to 10 knots W

Completly new location today. On a recommendation from a surfie colleague, we hit the west coast of the North Island at the famous surfing spot of Raglan. We turned up late afternoon just after low tide. The beach was awesome, a wide expanse of firm sand spread out in front of us as we walked down the track from the car park. I quickly got out my 6.4 C-quad and buggy and spent a fun hour or so crusing around the beach. There wasn't quite enough wind for speed runs and anyway I had forgotten my GPS, but I still managed some great sildes and hopefully entertained the wedding reception guests having dinner at the Surf Club. Check out these great photos taken by Tai.

Saturday 22nd April 2005 1pm

Location Ohope Harbour, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 to 10 knots SW

Tried out my S to SW possie today down at the harbour. The winds were very light despite well over 10 knots being forecast. After an hour of zooming around with the 6.3 c-quad and Bigfoot the wind turned NW and that was the end of that.

Friday 1st April 2005 5.30pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 to 10 knots NNW to NW

Yet another light wind day! But I've found the solution - get out the big old C-Quads. Today felt a bit stronger than the other days, so I launched the 6.3m and hopped into my PL Comp. Managed a max blast of 35.9 kph with a top average of 32.6 kph over 3kms. I ended up going for a bit of a long run down to the end of the spit and back - averaging 25kph over 10 kms, not too shabby. I also tried using the C-Quad with my harnass with no joy, as I joined the back strap ropes from the handles. However the knots on these prevented a smooth movement thru the harnass loop. I may try untying the knots and giving that a go some time.

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 knots NW

Another light wind day today, so I set up the 8m C-Quad and had a one blast around the beach. Managed a fairly respectable 25.8 blast at one point! I think I need to try these bigger kites out at Ohope as the wind really is neglible. There really was nothing there this evening, but the big C-Quad didn't seem to mind and was more than happy doing a few runs.

Tuesday 29th March 2005 5.30pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 knots NE

A very light wind today - the forecast had been for a bit more, but nothing had turned up. So it was a very short session this afternoon with the 6.2 C-quad and comp buggy. Not a particularly fast session nor lots of slides, just some half-decent runs along the beach. One positive thing about the session is that the C-quad still performs when the wind is too light for the F-Arc.

Friday 11th February 2005 5.30pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 10 to 15 knots NNW

A great short session! The wind was rocking in ahead of a front coming in from across the Tasman. It had been building up all afternoon, and I had been counting down the minutes til I could escape from work! Speed runs were the name of the game and the first was the best - an average of 48.3 kph over 2.2 km with a max blast of 54.2 kph. These are the best times I've managed at Ohope since I moved up :o)

Sunday 6th February 2005 1pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 to 10 knots NE

An opportunistic session with the F-ARC and mountain board. At first the wind wasn't quite strong enough, but eventually picked up enough to get the kite up in the air and keep it there. The session was a bit frustrating as I still feel I haven't quite mastered the F-ARC and seem to spend a lot of time trying to get the thing back up to the zenith, possibly a combination of the lack of wind, and my inexperience.

 Saturday 5th February 2005 1pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 10 to 15 knots NE

A very short session as the tide was coming in, so just one speed run. Managed a very good 50.2 kph blast with an average run of 39.6 over 500m. My photographic assitant, Taiana, took these shots of me!


Wednesday 2nd February 2005 5.30pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 10 knots NE

Excellent session this afternoon. Managed a speed run of 40.8 kph over 1.9km with a max blast of 48kph. Ended up trying to go backwards with not much success. Again the wind wasn't exactly ideal, but obviously good enough for a 40kph run.

Thursday 27th January 2005 5.30pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 10 knots NNW to NW

Not a bad session with PL Comp buggy and 2.2 C-Quad. Managed a 30.7 kph run over 500m, with a max speed of 36.5 kph. Again the wind was about 45 degrees off dead on-shore, so buggying was quite hard, but the upwind reaches seemed easier than usual.  

Thursday 20th January 2005 7pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 knots NNW to NW

Shorter session today as the wind was dropping and was just too westerley. Just managed 27.7 kph zooming across the beach, the upwind reach was just hard with so little wind to justify continuing, so after 20 mins I packed and went home.

Wednesday 19th January 2005 6.30pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 10 knots NNW to N

Another two session following on from Monday. I started out with the 2.2 C-Quad and, for a change, the Bigfoot just to see how it performs on the hard sand. After a while I switched to the 6.3 C-Quad and managed a max speed of 32.3 kph. I switched back to the 2.2 and adjusted the seat in the buggy to lift me a bit higher. Well the adjustment has the effect of increasing the buggy's sliding capablilities, plus I managed to get up on two wheels during a turn too. I think leaning across to the outside wheel also helped raise the inner wheel.

After an hour I tried out the F-ARC and mountainboard. Not a great session but not bad either. Tried to get my goofy starts a bit better. Spent about an hour playing before bad light ended the session!

Monday 17th January 2005 6pm

Location Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 to 10 knots NNW to NW

A two hour session with very little wind. Still managed a max speed of 35.2 kph though and the session felt good after a month long break for Xmas.

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