Buggy Log Archive 2006

Saturday 18th November 2006 9am

Ohope Beach

Wind 12 to 15 knots (gusting 20 knots) N to NNE

The northerlies had been blowing since Thursday and come Saturday morning they were still going. I wanted to catch them early as a westerly change was forecast for later plus rain. So I was down at the beach by 9am with my NABX buggy and 2.2 C-Quad. The session was a wee bit frustrating as the wind strength was similar to that on the day of my record run, however all I could manage was a top speed of 52.2 kph with a best average speed of 48.2 kph over 2.2 kms. I think the difference was that today all my runs were perpendicular to the wind, so may be getting a slight downwind run helps with speed runs. Anyway still a good session.

Sunday 12th November 2006 5pm

Ohiwa Harbour entrance, east side, nr Whakatane

Wind 10 to 15 knots (gusting 20 knots) NW to WNW

A quick one hour session today. I decided to take the PL comp buggy as I knew I've only have a short track to work with and the comp has the best acceleration of all my buggies. This proved to be a good decision as due to the westerly nature of the wind, I only had a track about 400m long. Due to my GPS case going AWOL I was only able to record max speeds and came up with a nice 51.2 kph.

Monday 23rd October 2006 2pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 12 to 20 knots (gusting 23 knots) NE to ENE

Just over two years ago I moved to Ohope and ever since I have been trying to break my personal record set at Brighton Beach in Christchurch of 54.6 kph. Light sea-breezes plus a change in my working hours have constantly frustrated me ... until today. At 4pm this afternoon I made a speed run along Ohope Beach that broke all my personal bests! On the previous run, just a tester really, I had done over 50 kph, so I thought it was time to have a real go. Before I set off I checked the wind - 20 knots gusting 23 - nice! I dropped my 2.2 C-Quad into the power zone and off I went in the NABX. Not long into the run I reached 50 kph, and must to my surprise the speed just kept increasing, and not long after the 50 was reached, 60 kph was passed, maxxing out at 62.8 kph. However the average speed was still rising, and after 3.5 kms of what can only be described as the most spine-tingling speed run I have ever made I had averaged 54.9 kph.

By the way, two hours later the grin is still on my face!

Saturday 23rd September 2006 12pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 10 to 15 knots NNW to NW

Summer is on it's way! Beautiful sunny day, temperature over 20 degrees and best of all an awesome sea breeze. I managed to get out there and get into it about 12pm with my 12m F-ARC and mountain board. I only managed a couple of runs down the beach before the wind turned too westerly, but it was still a good session. Clem and his land yacht buddies were out there too, crusing down the beach. And Daylight Saving is just around the corner - why do winters always seem to really drag on!

Saturday 26th August 2006 1pm

Ohiwa Harbour entrance, east side, nr Whakatane

Wind 10 to 15 knots NNW

Another long break between sessions. But this one made up for the wait. A two hour plus session at the NW facing stretch by the Ohiwa harbour entrance. This spot has changed a bit over the last year with a few storms re-arranging the sand. But there's still a good 600m stretch available at low tide for north-westerly conditions. At the end of the last run I carried on past Bryan's Beach to the mouth of the Waiotahi River. Somewhere near Bryan's Beach I hit the 49.4 kph max. The best run of the day was 40.2 kph over 660m. The NABX handled very well and I managed some awesome slides at the end of my speed runs!

Saturday 8th July 2006 1pm

Location Ohope Wharf, nr Whakatane

Wind 5 to 15 knots SW to W

Itching to get out after over two months wait! Unfortunately work, holidays abroad and the end of daylight saving intervened with many buggy opportunities, but at last got out for a very short 30 minutes before the wind turned too westerly. Nothing major to report, a very sad 30.7 kph max and a bit of reverse practice before packing up. But good to be back out there again!

Saturday 15th April 2006 4pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 5 to 10 kts NNW

Back to the beach today. A light wind but almost onshore. I managed a max blast of 40.7 kph with an average of 35.2 over 1.6 kms. Not a great session but just good to be out there. I did swap the lines over between my CQuads, using the 20m lines on the 6.3 and the 30m ones on the 2.2. Results? Well, the 6.3 certainly responded more quickly than with 30m but I felt it had a lot less power on the shorter lines. The 2.2 with the 30m lines? Bloody awesome! Smooth power, and it seemed to spend forever in the power zone, however the measly 8 knots didn't really give it any 'grunt'. Good experiment though, makes me wonder if 35m plus lines would be any good?

Sunday 26th March 2006 12pm

Location - Otao Reserve, Ohope

Wind 10 kts SE to ESE

I tried out the new possie with my 6.3 C-quad and NABX buggy today. The wind wasn't as strong as yesterday hence the larger kite and it was really too easterly to try any decent speed runs. Although a max of 36.1 kph was made on one of the first runs. The new possie is working out well, may even try out the mountain board there at some stage.

Saturday 25th March 2006 10.30am

Location - Otao Reserve, Ohope

Wind 10 to 15 knots SSE

Yet another new possie! Similar to Ohope Wharf, at low tide there's a short stretch of mud/sand flat with plenty of shells next to Otao Reserve in Ohope. It's angle makes it spot on for any south easterly whistling through the harbour. Today a strong south easter was forecast but it tended towards the south and was not quite as strong as forecast.

Despite this a very reasonable 41.4 kph was achieved with a average of 33.2 over 500m and an average of 31.7 kph over 1.6 km with two turns. The surface is much better than my old harbour spot and dries out pretty quick. There's no deep mud/sand to trap you so I feel the NABX would perform well here. Fortunately tomorrow's forecast is for more of the same ;o)

Saturday 18th February 2006 3.30pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 10 to 15 knots NW

Just a short 90 minute session this afternoon. Out with the NABX again, tried both the 2.2 and 6.3 C-quads. The primo spot was probably somewhere in between the two though. Managed a 46.7 kph max blast with the 6.3 on a downwind run. The wind speed was around the 20 kph mark for this run. Ended the session with some great slides.

Wednesday 18th January 2006 5.30pm

Location - Ohope Beach, nr. Whakatane

Wind 15 to 20 knots NW

The nor'wester had been picking up all day and I managed to get out for my first blast of the New Year. Not a bad session either, 40.2 over 2km with a max of 50.3 on a prior run. The wind was really too NW and it took me ages to get back up the beach after my 2km speed run. First blast with my new buggy, the NABX!

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