Buggy Log Archive 2007

Tuesday 11th December 2007 2.00pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 13 to 15 knots NE to ENE

I can hardly believe it, three days awesome kiting in a row. Despite a drop in wind speed today, there was still an occasional gust which enabled me to reach a 61.8 kph max and an average run of 55.0 kph over 1.42 km. However after that run I never managed anything above 55 kph max.

The wind direction was closer to perpendicular which made the upwind return runs much easier today and also made the speed runs a bit more comfortable too. Despite not breaking any records I still had a great day on the beach and yes the forecast is for more tomorrow AGAIN!

Monday 10th December 2007 12.30pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 15 to 17 knots ENE

Well, the forecast proved to be correct for once and the nor'easter was still blowing strong today. I decided to see what I could do with the NABX buggy and the 2.2m CQuad and I was hoping to break that 70 kph barrier.

However I just couldn't quite match the speed of yesterday and I think I need to re-evaluate how I'm attached to the kite in the NABX, may be somehow using a waist harness to lower the 'point of contact' of the kite to the buggy/pilot. Anyway I still managed to break my average speed record clocking in a nice 55.8 kph over 3.52 km and on the same run maxxed at 62.4 kph.

And yes the forecast is similar for tomorrow!

Sunday 9th December 2007 2.30pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 14 to 17 knots ENE to NE

Having had a break from the beach for a while, I was itching to get back out there and my first blast of the summer wasn't a bad effort. As the tide was quickly receding I headed out with my PL Comp rather than the NABX as it takes too long to set up and as usual my 2.2m CQuad. The wind speed was chopping and changing all the time but the direction was pretty steady so I managed about half a dozen good speed runs along Ohope beach. I maxxed out at 64.8 kph with another run providing an average speed of 54.8 kph.

Despite not breaking any records, I still had a good feeling about this 90 minute session as the forecast for tomorrow was for more of the same - bring it on!

Wednesday 18th October 2007 5.00pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 11.9 to 14.6 knots NNW to NW

Another nor'west day with the 4pm metservice reading NNW for Whakatane - primo conditions. The wind wasn't quite as strong as last week and seemed a bit more northerly as I was getting a lot of lateral pull, may have been better off with the NABX.

Still managed a max of 60.5 kph, with an average speed of 53.6 kph over 3.26 km using the PL Comp with my trusty 2.2 C-Quad.

Thursday 11th October 2007 2.00pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 13 to 17 knots NNW to NW

On days like this I usually don't bother going to the beach at Ohope as the wind always seems too westerly for a decent speed run - in the future I think I may alter my attitude. The forecast was for a nor'wester to pick up to 20 knots in the afternoon, and on cue at lunchtime the wind did indeed increase. My initial reaction was that it was too westerly and I should perhaps try Ohiwa Harbour. However the 1pm report on the Metservice website indicated a NNW at 28 kph - primo conditions here at Ohope. So I decided to give the beach a go before heading over to Ohiwa. That was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

After an initial speed run of 60 kph exactly I realised that a record breaking run was on. A couple of runs later and I had the beach to myself and I set off on a spine-tingling speed run that maxxed out at 67.2 kph. A few runs earlier I'd managed an average speed over 1.9 kms of 55.5 kph. Both these runs were personal bests and needless to say I was elated with how the afternoon had turned out. A great afternoon of kite buggying.

For the record these runs were achieved with a 2.2m C-Quad that has a hole in it and a broken spine and I used my old trusty and kinda rusty PL Comp - that's right not the ultra sleek with go faster strips NABX - just the old tried and trusted PL Comp, the buggy that everyone slags off on web forums as a some sort of toy buggy. Kudos to Peter Lynn.

Thursday 27th September 2007 2.00pm

Ohope Wharf

Wind 8 to 16 knots S to SSE

With a strong southerly blowing, I decided to have a go back down at the mud flats near Ohope Wharf today. The wind was very gusty going from nothing to 20 knots and back to nothing again in a fraction of a second which made it a challenging session but the conditions weren't really conducive to speed runs. However I did manage to hit a max of 35.4 kph on one run - nothing too extreme which was a bit of a surprise given the wind speed, but I had a feeling the surface had a lot to do with it. At the moment it's quite bumpy and I have a feeling that in the past it's been a lot smoother than it is currently, I guess its all down to how much the outgoing tide moves the mud and sand around. Anyway it was good to get out there and be back at a good possie too. For the session I used the 2.2m CQuad and PL comp buggy.

Monday 3rd September 2007 3.00pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 8 to 10 knots NNW to NW

It had been a while since I'd been out flying at the beach - as is usual during the winter sea breezes and storms are quite rare. But the weather was warming up and today one of the first sea breezes of the season kicked in. It was a bit under powered at a max of 10 knots but I still managed to get the F-ARC and mountainboard out for a short session. Just good to brush off the cobwebs and get me started thinking about the upcoming summer!

Wednesday 23rd May 2007 8.00am

Ohope Beach

Wind 12 to 15 knots N to NNW

With the depression still situated off the west coast of New Zealand the northerly winds were still ripping through today. So with a nice early start I hopped out with the 2.2 CQuad and PL Comp and managed a reasonable 58.7 kph max with a run of 52.3 kph over 2.4 kms.

The buggy's back end kept trying to slip out with all the power from the kite. So I tried leaning forward to move the power from the kite away from the back wheels. This seemed to help and I reckon I managed to squeeze another couple of kph out of the buggy. However my instinct is to keep my weight close to the rear wheels to get better traction but it seemed to work.

Sunday 20th May 2007 1.00pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 15 knots N to NNW

A good session today. Another depression moving eastwards across the Tasman forced a northerly flow over the Bay of Plenty. Not one to miss out on such an opportunity, I headed out with the 2.2 CQuad and PL Comp buggy - NABX is still ill. I managed a good run with a 48.3 kph average over 2.2 kms with a peak speed of 53.1 kph. Packed up after 90 minutes as the wind was easing slightly.

Monday 30th April 2007 10.00am

Ohope Beach

Wind 18 to 22 knots ENE

It's been a while since a decent storm has come through the Bay of Plenty, but today's certainly made up for a lack of them this autumn. The session only lasted an hour because the wind had picked up to a nice 30 kts gusting 33, a wee bit too extreme for me. Also a bolt had fallen off the front wheel and high speed runs had become quite dangerous!

Anyway the upshot of it all was that I broke my maximum speed record again with a superb run peaking at 65.4 kph with an average of 54.6 over a kilometre. I managed this feat by using the PL comp buggy too, who knows how fast I would have gone with the NABX!

Wednesday 18th April 2007 2.30pm

Location Ohope Wharf, nr Whakatane

Wind 10 to 15 knots S

Back to an old spot today. With a strong southerly coming through I thought I'd check out the mud/sand flats near Ohope wharf. Although the session lasted only an hour, I was fair blasting along and had a great time. The surface wasn't too bad either and I reckon I was hitting near the 50 kph mark on a couple of runs. Unfortunately technology conspired against me and the old GPS gave up the ghost refusing to go, so I had to make a guestimate on the speed. Apart from that a good session after a month long break.

Friday 16th March 2007 2pm

Ruapuke Beach, near Raglan

Wind 14 to 17 knots SW

Off to a new possie today - Ruapuke Beach near the famous surf spot of Raglan. I'd been to Ocean Beach before but with the south westerly coming through I'd thought I'd try Ruapuke which is more suitable for a wind from that direction. I got to the beach via Swan Road, the first access road as you drive along the coast road from Raglan. Good stepped access with plenty of parking. With the wind as strong as it was, I decided to go for the 2.2 C Quad and NABX buggy and get into some speed runs to start with. The best I managed was a 47.3 kph max, not bad but not impressive either. The beach at Swan Road is about 2 km long and has a couple of streams running across it which doesn't make it ideal, yet it's still a place worth visiting when the south westerly kicks in. I contented myself with speed runs as the weather was starting to pack in, quite a few heavy showers came through but I still had a good day.

There is another beach access point further south along the Ruapuke Beach Road no less! However it's still a good walk to the beach over sand dunes and wouldn't be easy with a large buggy. There's also a big stream at this point which you'd have to get across with your gear to access the longer stretches of the beach.

Monday 12th March 2007 5pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 15 to 21 knots NNE

The storm had picked up strength but the rain was holding off, so that meant I could get out for another session at the end of the day. When I got to the beach the wind was around 15 knots but it soon picked up to the 20 knots mark. I was using the 2.2 C Quad and PL NABX but even with the heavy NABX I was getting a lot of lateral pull with the wind at 20 knots. So unfortunately I was unable to break any records but still managed a max 58.4 kph with an average of 46.4 kph over 900m. The speed runs were greatly affected by the gustiness hence the short distance of the best one. Having said all that still a good session clearing away a few cobwebs and putting a big grin on my face!

Monday 12th March 2007 10am

Ohope Beach

Wind 11 to 14 knots NNW

As forecast a storm approaching from the west starting pushing through strong north easterlies in the Bay of Plenty. So with only about an hour left before the incoming tide water-logged my 'race track' I had a quick session with the C Quad and PL Comp buggy. With my first run I managed 44.5 kph over 2.5 km with a max of 50.9 kph. I tried another run but the incoming tide was starting to force up the beach into softer sand. Hopefully the forecast rain will stay away and let me get out again after high tide.

Tuesday 6th March 2007 1pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 10 knots NNW

A gentle sea breeze this afternoon made me decide to get out for a short one hour session with the PL Comp buggy and 6.3m C-Quad. The wind wasn't strong enough for a FARC session unfortunately but I thought I'd have a relaxing buggy session. I managed a big cruise along the beach down to the spit and back with a max of 38.5 kph along the way.

Friday 2nd February 2007 12.30 pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 9 to 15 knots (gusting 18) NNW

At mid-day a nice breeze kicked in and was just the right strength for me to give the F-ARC and mountainboard a go. According to my log, apart from one session last September, it's been two years since I've had a good session with the F-ARC and board. Anyway today's session was good, very cautious at first but after an hour or so, I was pretty confident on the board.

Although the wind was straight onshore it wasn't too westerly to make the upwind runs difficult. In fact they seemed easier than usual and I was quite comfortable in the goofy stance. The downwind runs were good too, and I probably managed about two or three decent runs but the wind picked and started hitting 20 knots! Time to pack up the big boy and go home!

Monday 29th January 2007 11.30 am

Ohiwa Harbour entrance, east side

Wind 9 to 11 knots (gusting 12 knots) NNW

The forecast was for a nor'wester so I headed out to the spot on the east side of the Ohiwa harbour entrance. This spot keeps on changing after each storm moves the sand around. A lot of sand is now exposed even ay high tide and is starting to look like a good spot for the Bigfoot again. However today I'd taken the PL comp buggy along for a spin. So after launching the 2.2 C-Quad, I did a few quick speed runs and managed a 42.8 kph max over a short stretch of hard sand. The track was so short there was no point in noting any average speeds. I got the 6.4 C-Quad out for a blast too, but the wind was just a wee bit too much for buggying with it, so I went back to the 2.2 but couldn't manage to beat 42.8 kph. So after an hour I packed up and went home, a good session but not a great one.

Saturday 13th January 2007 8.30 am

Ohope Beach

Wind 14 to 19 knots (gusting 22 knots) ENE

It had been a couple of months since my last buggying session, and I was itching to get out there again, especially as a change in jobs had meant that I was available for buggying at any time! North easterlies had been blowing all week but only around the 10 knot mark, not enough to get me and the NABX buggy interested. However on Saturday morning a low pressure system had arrived from the tropics and was pushing through some strong winds here at Ohope.

So straight after breakfast I got out on the beach with the NABX buggy and 2.2m C-Quad and started ripping the beach up. After a couple of hours of good solid buggying, I had managed a max speed of 60.9 kph, a mere 1.9 kph under my personal best along with an average speed run of 52.7 kph over 2.1 km. I'm sure I could have managed more if the wind had been blowing more northerly as quite often in the run the kite lines would go slack (i.e. the buggy would lose power) and I would start to overtake the kite. Anyway a great way to start 2007 with hopefully many more great sessions to come.

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