Buggy Log Archive for 2009

Isobaric Map at 12pm

Saturday 25th April 10am and 1pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 30 to 41 kph E to ENE

Actually went out twice today, the first time just as the hard sand was being revealed by the out-going tide and the second just after low-tide. I'd been looking forward to this day all week, as a 20 knot nor'easter had been forecast due to a weather system tracking down from the tropics. Unfortunately the wind was more easterly during the first session and I only managed a 45 kph speed run as the buggy would overtake the kite quiet easily, meaning I had to slow down to let the kite catch up and get some tension and power back in the lines.

However the second session was a wee bit more like it, the wind had swung around just enough to make those downwind speed runs pretty stable and I managed a nice 58.3 kph max. Not great as the buggy still tended to over take the kite but better than earlier. The return upwind runs were easier too. After my speed run I checked the wind and it was honking in at 36 to 41 kph and the kite had been fine - exactly the reason I'd bought the Reactor as my old C-Quad 2.2 would have been too much for today. The Reactor had felt good even just using the lightweight Peter Lynn Competition buggy. Anyway fingers crossed these winds will keep up overnight and I can have another go tomorrow!

Sunday 12th April 3.30pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 20 to 25 kph NW

Not a great day for buggying but I had a new toy to play with - a Peter Lynn 2.2m Reactor! I'd bought this kite specifically for those 30 kph plus winds I get at Ohope from time to time. Hopefully the Reactor will enable me to push my top speed even higher than the current top speed of 67.2 kph. According to the Peter Lynn website the 2.2m Reactor will handle winds of almost up to 40 knots which is around 70 kph so I'm hoping that I'll be able to stay out on the beach when the winds starts to get over 35 kph. With my old 2.2m C-Quad I used to call it a day once 30 kph was reached as it became very twitchy and the lift would get too much to handle.

Anyway today the wind wasn't quite that strong but it was blowing enough for me to launch the Reactor and get used to its handling. The kite is quite a different design from a C-Quad (what kite isn't) so it surprised me a few times but hopefully I'll get used to these new 'surprises' the Reactor may have in store for me.

One of the first pluses though was an incredible upwind performance enabling me to almost buggy up and down the beach in a wind that could have not been much more than 30 degrees from the line of the beach. This means more buggying opportunities in the future!

The kite seemed to move very quickly too, which of course what I was after. I'm certain it can handle the kind of speeds I'm after. All I need now is one of those tropical storms to come down from the western pacific region driving 40 kph northerlies across the Bay of Plenty and I'll really see if the Reactor was worth the money!

Friday 6th March 11.00am

Ohope Beach

Wind 34 to 37 kph NE

The wind had been a touch too easterly earlier in the morning, but slowly it had swung round to NE. That was my cue to get out there with the 2.2m C-Quad and NABX buggy. Fortunately I'd judged the direction correctly and it was enough on-shore for me to get up the beach on an up-wind reach. The return downwind run was my first and last full run of the session, during which I managed a 64.4 kph max with an average of 51.5 over 1.57 km. Pretty good for a first run. However wind and tide were plotting against me, with the wind picking up and the tide rushing in. A short but sweet 30 minute session.

Sunday 8th February 2009 11.30am

Ohope Beach

Wind 12 to 18 kph NNW

Again a bit too westerly today but still OK to get a few runs in. Feeling good on the board now, gaining confidence with each session. Hoping to move on to the next stage soon and very happy with my new combination of C-Quad and mountainboard!

Saturday 7th February 2009 12pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 15 to 18 kph NNW

Another great day at the beach at Ohope and another sea breeze. This one was a bit too westerly to be ideal but I managed to squeeze in a few quick runs in my short 45 minute session.

Monday 26th January 2009 12pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 15 to 18 kph N to NNE

An absolute primo day on the beach today for kite land boarding. Yet again the 6.3 C-Quad and mountain board saw some action and with every run my confidence was gaining. In fact I reached that all important stage where I could safely take my eyes off the kite and concentrate on what my feet and board were doing. Starts were improving using the board to keep the kite lines tight to ensure the kite didn't stall and the runs were just plain fun. Hopefully I can get a few more boarding sessions under my belt and slowly get towards my goal of being able to do jumps.

Sunday 25th January 2009 12pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 18 to 22 kph NNW to NW

Yet another day at the beach and another mountain board session with the 6.3 C-Quad. Unfortunately the sea-breeze was a bit more westerly than yesterday, which meant difficult up-wind runs and by the end of the 90 minute session a bit of tacking was involved to get back up the beach.

Still a good session though and I'm beginning to get to grips with the mountain board again after a long time of non-use.

Saturday 24th January 2009 12pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 15 to 20 kph N

Back on the beach again for the second weekend in a row and what a scorcher this weekend was. Beautiful weather had not only brought the afternoon sea-breeze out, but a lot of visitors too. Although the beach was quite busy, I found a quiet spot just down towards the end of the spit.

With such a gentle sea-breeze I decided to ditch the F-Arc, my usual engine in these conditions and get out the 6.3m C-Quad with the mountain-board. And what a great session I had, just cruising along the beach getting back into land-boarding again. By the end of the two hour session I was getting pretty confident with the board and kite again.

Sunday 18th January 2009 10am

Ohope Beach

Wind 28 to 32 kph NNW to N

Two sessions in two days - I was getting very lucky with the weather this weekend! I just caught the back-end of the morning low-tide and with my tracks being washed away in front of my eyes, I managed a top speed of 60.7 with an average of 50 kph on the nose over 1.26 km again with the 2.2m C-Quad and Peter Lynn Comp.

The wind was a bit more gusty today and my runs were not as smooth as yesterday's hence the lower average speed. Anyway I shouldn't complain, two greats days of buggying after a long lay-off. Hopefully I'll be putting in a few more entries in the log this year compared to last.

Saturday 17th January 2009 4pm

Ohope Beach

Wind 25 to 30 kph NW to NNW

It had been over six months since I last dusted off the kite and buggy! Well at last I was back with a 90 minute session at Ohope Beach. It had been too long. Pretty soon I'd racked up a top speed of 60.9 kph for the day with a average blast of 52.3 kph over 1.06 km. Not bad for the first day back after a long break. All this was achieved with the trusty 2.2m C-Quad and Peter Lynn Comp Buggy.

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