How to Scud

What is scudding

Scudding is the ability to use a kite to drag you along. It's one of the first power kite skills you can learn as you don't need a buggy and it will teach you about the power zone and the handling of your kite.

How to scud

The first step in scudding is obviously to launch the kite and get it in the neutral position above your head.

Then move the kite in a figure of eight motion above you. As the kite dips into the power zone you feel the kite start to pull you. Initially this pull will be small just enough to feel in your arms. To increase the power just make your figure of eights lower, i.e. dip the kite further into the power window. Now you should be able to feel more power and have to lean back to counter this extra power. The next step is to increase the power again so that as you lean back the power of the kite is so great it will actually 'slide' you forward. If you don't lean back then you'll just do a face plant!

So by now you should be able to get the kite to slide you along the ground - you are scudding!

The distance you will slide is dependant on the power of the kite, as you dip it lower the kite has more power and the further you will slide.

An extreme scud?

A scud technique that really teaches you about the power zone and how your kite behaves when flying through it is the 'big' scud! First slide your kite down the side of the power zone so it's not far off the ground but with little power. Then flip it round so it's flying at low level horizontally into and through the strongest part of the power window. The kite will get up to maximum power when it is directly down wind of you. By then you should already be scudding (otherwise it's face plant time!). This scud will show you how strong the kite is when maxxed out in the power zone and will give you a feel for how it performs at this power level.

Good Scudding Surfaces

Sand and grass are probably the best. Even hard-packed sand will give it a little so you get more grip with your feet and therefore more stability. Grass is Ok, but more slippery than sand, so you may end up on your backside more often - if this happens just use the power of kite to pull yourself up again and pretend that nothing unusual happened!

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